Our Journey

We're on a mission to spread the goodness of ancient herbal ingredients through our uniquely blended tea's and chai's to meet your specific health goal.

We're not here to get you to ditch your coffee, or swap out your alcohol for a clean living, we're here to promote moderation.

We're here to add blends and brews to your day that are not only tasty but good for your mind, body and soul!


What if I'm new to tea drinking?

If you're new to tea drinking, we'd recommend starting out with our 'Essentials Pack'. We've curated a pack that includes:

Super Tonic Gold - tea to give you a little caffeine hit to kickstart your morning,

Immuno-Ninja - a pick-me up for that afternoon slump 

Escape Tea - an unwind blend that calms your mind for bedtime

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Our Range


Our wellness tea tonic was inspired by the daily stresses and anxiety that we've been feeling during lockdown. Our wellness tea tonic blends uses antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredients proven to help boost your immune function, promote calmness and improve your skin and complexion with from within.

In our new post-lockdown world, there is a lot of uncertainty, which leads to stress and anxiety impacting our emotional, mental and physical health. The one constant we can all have is making choices that improve our health and wellbeing. Our tea blends combine ingredients that can support your health choices,



We grew up on tea, well to be specific, masala chai (masala tea). Chai drinking in my family is a daily ritual. We'd wake up smelling the sweet and spicy aroma of chai every morning. And in the evening as we sip our chai silently, chai-time became synonymous with 'me-time', a time to slow down and appreciate the moment.

We believe no matter where you are around the world and what is happening in your life, you are at home when tea is served. 


We've prepared three special chai blends from our family to yours. Our chai blends are bold and spicy with a complex depth of flavors from whole spices with a black-tea base. 


Our chai and herbal tea blends are handcrafted using high quality, natural and organic ingredients, free from preservatives and additives. Our products are vegan friendly. We take great pride in providing great tasting products that promote health and wellbeing.